Pallets 101

Types of Pallets

WHITE WOOD -  The white to brown or gray natural (unpainted) common standard wood pallet can often be repaired or dismantled and rebuilt for reuse or may be recycled by convertion into landscaping mulch, animal bedding or bio-fuel at the end of its life.  It is therefore considered environmentally friendly.  Pallets may be constructed of either hardwood or softwood (coniferous wood such as pine).  Nationwide Pallet and Crate specializes in building and recycling white wood pallets.

PANEL -  A pallet where the deck is composed of a solid sheet of wood, either plywood or particle board.

PARTICLE OR PRESSED WOOD - Pressed wood pallets are lower quality pallets that deteriorate rapidly when exposed to the weather and are difficult to repair.

BLOCK - A pallet that is designed with blocks of wood in the middle instead of linear stringer boards.

SKID - A type of pallet that is designed with no bottom deck boards, just strings and top deck boards, skids can be built much larger than pallets and used to support larger or irregularly shaped items.

PLASTIC - Plastic pallets are mainly considered rental pallets and used in certain business networks.  They are not very biodegradable.  They cannot easily be repaired or recycled.  For this reason, damaged plastic pallets end up in landfills where they do not deteriorate and are considered environmentally unfriendly.

 METAL OR FOAM - These pallets are mainly used in specialty applications.

Grading of Recycled Pallets

More Pallet Terminology

Pallets in the Food Industry

Pallets for International Shipping

New vs. Reclaimed Wood

Renting vs. Buying

Environmental Impact

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