Pallets 101

Types of Pallets

Grading of Recycled Pallets

More Pallet Terminology

DECK BOARDS                      Are located on the top and bottom of the pallet, generally 5/8” flat boards

STRINGER BOARDS             The middle part of the pallet, generally constructed of 2 x 4’s

NAILS                                        2” metal screw nails

SPLICER PLATE                     Metal plates used to splice two stringers or reinforce cracked stringers

SKID                                           A pallet with no bottom deck boards, just strings and top deck boards

HT                                               Heat Treated

LEAD BOARD                           The boards on ends of pallet, sometimes wider then other deck boards

DECK BOARD SPACING        The distance between the deck boards

NOTCHED                                 A stringer that has two 9” x 1 ½” cut-out “notches” spaced 18” apart

4-WAY ENTRY                           A pallet that has 4 side entrances for a forklift to enter with forks

2-WAY ENTRY                           A pallet that has 2 side entrances for a forklift to enter with forks

BLOCK PALLET                        A pallet that has square blocks of wood in place of linear strings

48 x 40                                        48 inches (stringers) by 40 inches (deck boards); most common size pallet

Pallets in the Food Industry

Pallets for International Shipping

New vs. Reclaimed Wood

Renting vs. Buying

Environmental Impact

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