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Some industries require or prefer the use of brand new wood pallets for shipping their products.  New pallets have the advantage of being clean, have consistently level deck boards, and have maximum load bearing capacity.  However, they are more expensive and may have excessive residual adherent sawdust from the manufacturing process.  Many businesses have found the use of reclaimed wood pallets to be a cost effective alternative to new pallets.  When properly constructed, reclaimed wood pallets can be as strong and functional as new pallets.  They can also be custom built to your specifications just like new pallets.  Nationwide Pallet and Crate specializes in reclaimed wood pallets.


New wood pallets - The wood has not been used for anything else but cut purposely for pallet making material. New pallets may be preferred when the product being transported is particularly sensitive to damage from being placed on slightly uneven surfaces.

Reclaimed wood pallets - Wood pallets that have been used at least one time, even if they look brand new, are considered used (recycled).  Over time, pallets incur damage from forklifts, load bearing, weathering and insects.  Used pallets need to be repaired or dismantled and rebuilt to restore their load bearing capacity.  Recycled pallets are graded as a means to judge where they are in their life cycle.  At the end of their useful life, wood pallets and broken pallet pieces may be recycled into biofuel, animal bedding, or landscaping mulch.  We generally dismantle pallets and the reclaimed wood is used in a “new build”, giving the pallet the same load bearing capacity as a new pallet. 

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