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Some companies offer pallet rental contracts.  The largest companies offering rented wood pallets generally paint their pallets for identification.  Pallet rental is generally only suitable for very large retail companies.  Pallet rental contracts typically include several fees including volume dependent issue fees, transfer fees, transportation fees, daily rental fees, urgent or emergency stocking fees, restocking fees, and lost, damaged or stolen pallet fees. 


Perhaps more importantly, pallet rental contracts will typically place significant responsibility on the rental customer in terms of inventory management and accounting functions.  This is because the pallets are not considered expendable or part of the shipped goods and must be accounted for.  Thus, there are many hidden costs to pallet rental.  It is vitally important to perform due diligence and carefully negotiate contracts when considering pallet rental as it may easily become more expensive than simple purchase. 


Nationwide Pallet and Crate does not rent pallets.

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